Quick and Easy Parents Crafts in Minutes

Being a parent is hard work and it can be difficult to find time for creative activities. On the other hand, making quick and easy crafts with kids can be a great way for parents to spend time with them and encourage creativity. We’ll look at some fun crafts that kids can make in just a few minutes. These are great for parents who are always on the go.

1. DIY Memory Jars

Make beautiful memory jars together with your children to commemorate special times. All you need is colored paper, markers, and empty glass jars. Have each family member write a special memory on a piece of paper, fold it, and place it in the jar. Place the decorations on the jar in one go and… you now have a meaningful keepsake that you can always look at when you need a pick-me-up.

2. Handprint Art

Use your hands to make a quick and cute craft. Make colorful handprints on paper or canvas with child-safe paint. Make a family tree, animals, or flowers with these printables. This way it’s easy and meaningful to create personalized art that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

3. Story Stones

Story stones help your children think about new ideas. Buy smooth stones and paint different patterns on them. When it’s time for story time, have your child pick out some rocks and make up a story about them. This activity not only makes you more creative but also helps you learn a language.

4. Paper Plate Puppets

Simple paper plates can be transformed into cute dolls. Use markers, glue, and craft supplies to add things like eyes, nose, and mouth. Help your children create characters and put on a puppet show if they want. This is a fun and interesting way to spend time together.

5. Nature Collage

Take a walk through the forest and collect flowers, leaves, and twigs. Create beautiful collages with these natural items. Arrange them in order and stick them on sturdy paper or cardboard. Not only will this get your family outside, but it will also help them become more creative.

6. Art Projects Made Old Objects

Upcycled crafts can turn everyday objects into works of art. For example, buy old magazines, bottle caps, or cardboard boxes and use your imagination to make anything you can imagine. Create sculptures, collages, or even small cityscapes. Kids can get creative with upcycling, and it teaches them how to be green and find new uses for things.

7. Small Garden

Create a small world with a small garden. You can create your little oasis with soil, small plants, and small containers. Your children can make these little landscapes and decorate them with figurines or stones. It only takes a few minutes and is a great way to relax and use your imagination.

8. Origami Adventure

Take your children to learn the ancient art of origami. Take some colored paper and fold it into shapes such as flat surfaces, animals, or simple geometric shapes. By making beautiful, complicated things from paper with origami, you improve your fine motor skills and patience.

9. Family Mudra Tree

A handprint tree is a great way to create lasting family memories. Draw the hands of each family member on different colored paper. Then cut them out and place them on a larger piece of paper to make a tree. This family photo is not only a beautiful decoration but also a great way to remember how close you are.

10. Positive Affirmation Cards

Make your affirmation cards to spread joy. Make small cards from brightly colored paper and write positive thoughts or affirmations on them. You can place these cards throughout the house or create a ‘positivity jar’ where someone in the house can choose one every day. This is a simple but effective way to get everyone in the family to think positively.


Quick and easy crafts you can make with your family don’t have to take a lot of time. These creative activities will not only give you a break from a busy day, but they will also bring you and your child closer together. Remember, the best thing about these crafts is the time you spend with your children and the fun you have making them. Put together your craft, use your imagination, and enjoy a special time making something with your children.


1. As a busy parent, how can I make time for crafts?

As a busy parent, it can be difficult to find time for crafts, but it’s not impossible. Find a short period to do some quick, simple crafts, perhaps while watching TV or before going to bed. Involve your children too. This turns craft time into quality time with your family.

2. What are some craft ideas for parents that don’t cost a lot of money?

Parents can find many craft ideas that won’t break the bank. You can make crafts from things you already have at home, such as old magazines, cardboard boxes, or bottle caps. Natural crafts with things you can find outside are also fun and inexpensive.

3. How do I teach my children through arts and crafts?

To make a craft educational, add something you can learn to the activity. For example, if you use story stones, talk about the images chosen to help children learn language. You can improve your patience and fine motor skills by making origami, and you can get to know different plants and textures by making nature collages.

4. Can people of different ages do these crafts?

These crafts are suitable for all ages, so yes, they are flexible. Simple activities like hand printing or doll-making are great for younger children. For older children, more complex projects such as origami or art made from old objects can be fun. Vary your crafts depending on your child’s interests and skills.

5. How do these crafts promote the bond between parents and children?

Making quick and easy crafts together is good for the bond between parents and children because you can both share experiences, and open communication is encouraged. Creating things together allows people to work together, be creative, and enjoy the process. These times create memories between parents and children that will last a lifetime.

6. Can I use these craft ideas to do things together with other families?

Certainly! You can also use these craft ideas for activities you can do with other families. You can plan a craft day or play day where children and their parents can make something together. It’s a great way to share ideas and connect with others.

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